HBO Show References Roman Reigns Possibly Joining AEW

1 month ago by Andy Datson

HBO Show References Roman Reigns Possibly Joining AEW WWE

Roman Reigns has just signed a very lucrative new deal with WWE, which will keep him with the company for a very long time, but now that HBO Max show Hacks has name-dropped Reigns and AEW in the same sentence, we can safely assume he’s actually going to sign for AEW any moment now.

Of course I am talking nonsense, but Reigns and AEW really were mentioned on the latest episode of Hacks, with the character of Robin asking her son Marcus whether she can DM his ex-boyfriend if Roman Reigns joins “the AEW”.

The quote was:

“OK, I won’t [call him]. But if Roman Reigns ever goes to the AEW, can I at least DM him?”

Presumably this was a reference to the fact that Roman joining AEW is incredibly unlikely, but if it does happen, Robin has some DMs to send.

In response, Marcus says:

“Sure, mom. If Roman Reigns gets to AEW, you can DM my ex-boyfriend.”

I’m sure WWE will be thrilled that Roman is being name-dropped on HBO Max shows, and also horrified that he was name-dropped alongside AEW.

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