Here’s When NXT Could Be Forced Off Wednesday Nights

Here’s When NXT Could Be Forced Off Wednesday Nights

It was reported yesterday that TV network changes could end up in NXT being forced out of its normal Wednesday night slot, as the NBC Sports Network is closing at the end of this year.

The NHL (National Hockey League), which often airs on NBC Sports, is expected to end up on the USA Network on Wednesday nights, meaning there may no longer be room for a weekly NXT show on the network.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that NXT’s contract with the USA Network is over in October of this year.

“Here’s another part, the NXT contract ends with the television, it ends in October. The NHL, if they re-sign with NBC would start a regular season would start in October, is that when it would normally start unlike this year when it was all freaked up. Yeah, usually around October.”

Even if the USA Network agrees to re-sign its contract with NXT, it is likely that the show would have to move from its usual slot as it would be competing with an NHL double-header.

This would be a very interesting development, and could be a gamechanger in the current Wednesday Night War, which AEW has consistently won since it began.

Not a lot is currently known about the situation, but we will be bringing every update as it become available to us.

Thanks to RingsideNews for the quotes.

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