Here’s Why Paige Was Removed As Kabuki Warriors Manager

3 years ago by Andy Datson

Here’s Why Paige Was Removed As Kabuki Warriors Manager

One of the more notable moments from last night’s Raw, if you don’t count the divorce court, was the Kabuki Warriors turning on manager Paige and Asuka hitting her with green mist.

Fans were confused to start with, as Paige had seemingly been phased off TV and as Kabuki Warriors manager, but here she was as if she had never left.

So why bring her back just to have them turn on her? Well, Dave Meltzer had an explanation on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“It may have just been a way to try and get them heel heat because everyone is cheering them at the house shows and they turned. I mean even in Australia they cheered them against the IIconics who are the local women, but they’ve been cheered at every house show.”

“So they needed to do something because they need to be heels even though there are probably few people in the entire company who are better suited to be a babyface than Kairi Sane.”

While it is fair to say that both Asuka and Kairi make great babyfaces, they are doing some really good work as heels, so the more people get green misted the better for now.

Paige looks to be more of a backstage personality now, and he recent appearance on WWE Backstage was very entertaining, so it could be that we see her appear on there a lot more going forward.


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