Here’s How Close Christopher Daniels Came To Making Big WWE Debut

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Here’s How Close Christopher Daniels Came To Making Big WWE Debut

Here’s how close current AEW producer and indie wrestling legend Christopher Daniels came to making a big WWE debut many years ago.

Daniels was one of the names being considered as the ‘Higher Power’ of the Corporate Ministry in 1999, which ended up being Vince McMahon, and we now know how close that was to happening and why it didn’t.

Speaking on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said:

“He was gonna be the Higher Power remember? There had been people pitching and it always came down to Vince not seeing it. I remember (Jim) Cornette pitched really hard for Christopher Daniels to come in. And then at the end, Vince didn’t see it.

“Daniels was just not his… he just didn’t didn’t see it in him. People were advising him as far as Christopher Daniels many, many different times. Especially the ones who followed the indies.”

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Daniels hasn’t wrestled a match since May 12 when he was split from Frankie Kazarian in a loss to the Young Bucks, which he’s hinted may have been his last ever match.

He still works for AEW as a producer and in other backstage roles.

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