How Does Montez Ford Really Feel About Bianca Belair’s Success?

1 year ago by Amanda Savage

How Does Montez Ford Really Feel About Bianca Belair’s Success? WWE

With two incredibly successful WWE stars sharing the same roof, what does the Street Profits’ Montez Ford really think about Bianca Belair’s success?

Speaking with Denise Salcedo, Montez Ford shared heartwarming words about his real-life wife and fellow WWE star, Bianca Belair.

Ford described how proud he is of his wife and all of her achievements in the company, saying:

“It’s amazing. The person you love is actually going out there and fulfilling her dreams. And you’re there to not only be a support system, but just to be there and witness it with her is like a blessing man. I feel like it makes all of us even more motivated to be intrigued to do these things, and do more things and be successful and you always want to be there as a support group. You never know what may be going through her head, or that person’s head that you share this life with and so you always want to be there and remind them like ‘hey go out there and show the world, what I already know is; you are that girl. You are that woman. [laughs] So it’s always good to not only be part of her support group but to see her be successful in these moments and just be happy.”

On watching Bianca’s matches as a spectator, Ford said:

“I be more nervous for her events and matches than mine, because I just want to see her do so well, and she does every time… and I am so happy and proud of her like all the time, I can’t express it enough… nothing I can do can show the gratitude I have for her, I just love being there as a support group and as her husband, as her tag team partner to make sure that not only she does well but she knows she can do well.”

Both Bianca and Montez are scheduled to have matches at the grandest stage of them all, the most stupendous two nights in WrestleMania history as they challenge champions for their respective titles.

Bianca Belair is scheduled to face Becky Lynch for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship while Montez Ford and his Street Profits tag partner Angelo Dawkins set to face the Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro in an attempt to reclaim their tag team gold.

For a list of all matches scheduled for night one of the show, click here. For a list of all matches scheduled for night two, click here.

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