Here’s How Long CM Punk Could Be Away From AEW

Here’s How Long CM Punk Could Be Away From AEW AEW

***UPDATE – A new report has revealed CM Punk’s injury status and standing with AEW.

CM Punk is usually in the news, but this week, CM Punk has really been in the news, which I guess is what happens when you dunk on your colleagues live on air, and then have a fight with those colleagues backstage.

While he hasn’t yet been released by AEW, Punk has been stripped of the AEW World Championship just days after he won it at All Out against Jon Moxley due to injury, regardless of any potential disciplinary action.

His actions may lead to a lengthy suspension (if he isn’t let go from the company entirely), but probably not eight months, which is how long he could be out after it was revealed he suffered a serious arm injury during the match.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that Punk either has undergone, or will undergo surgery on the injury, which is believed to be a torn muscle, and this could take him out of action for up to eight months.

Meltzer said:

“He may have already undergone surgery, but either way he’s undergoing surgery. It was not confirmed to me it was a torn triceps, but it was confirmed to me that it’s surgery for a torn muscle in the arm, so it’s triceps/biceps, maybe pec, but probably triceps. And that’s usually about an eight-month recovery period. So he was gonna be stripped of the title either way (regardless of the fight).

“Punk’s out for eight months, or whatever it’s going to be, six months/eight months, whatever. If he’s not let go. And a lot of people don’t want him back.”

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The fall out from everything that took place in the media scrum and backstage is far from over, and we could expect to see a very different few weeks of AEW TV while the likes of Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks are all suspended.

To keep up with all AEW injuries, use our tracker right here.

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