How Long Mark Henry Has Been Out Of WWE Revealed

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

How Long Mark Henry Has Been Out Of WWE Revealed

Some news has emerged regarding new AEW signing Mark Henry and his departure from WWE that led to him becoming available.

As reported in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Henry’s WWE contract expired “about six months ago” and he was quietly let go, which is when he reached out to Tony Khan about getting involved with AEW.

His last appearance on WWE TV was the ‘Legends Night’ episode of Raw back in January, so it seems like that would have been right towards the end of his contract if the reported timing is accurate.

Mark Henry will be appearing on tonight’s episode of Dynamite to address his signing, and he’ll be one of the analysts on the upcoming Rampage show which debuts in August.

Tony Khan has clarified this doesn’t necessarily mean Henry will be doing color commentary for the show, and he has a current star in mind who’ll be doing that.

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