How Much Money WWE Paid Shane McMahon In 2022 Revealed

3 weeks ago by Liam Winnard

How Much Money WWE Paid Shane McMahon In 2022 Revealed WWE

We now know how much money Shane McMahon was paid by WWE in 2022, a year in which he made only one appearance for the company.

That appearance was the Royal Rumble match in January, and his backstage pre-match behavior reportedly led to his own father Vince McMahon exiling him from any future plans, and he hasn’t been seen in WWE since.

WWE filed a report to the SEC yesterday (January 12), which outlined the recent changes made to the company’s Board of Directors and Bylaws.

The report included the following:

Shane B. McMahon is the son of Mr. McMahon. In 2022, Shane McMahon was retained as an independent contractor performer by the Company and received an aggregate of approximately $828,000 in connection with such services.

As we’ve already covered, the filing also confirmed that Man Jit Singh and Ignace Lahoud, who resigned from WWE’s Board of Directors when Vince McMahon returned, “did not agree” with Vince being back.

The full SEC filing addressing changes to the Board and Bylaws can be found at this link.

Vince had stated that his intention upon returning was to facilitate a sale of the company.

He changed bylaws to ensure that no sale or media rights deal could be completed without his approval.

There has been much speculation that Vince McMahon was looking to sell to a party that would commit to keeping him in charge of the company despite the multiple sexual assault allegations that have surfaced in the past year that led to his initial ‘retirement’ in July.

For the latest update on the major rumors of WWE being sold to the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund, click here.

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