Here’s How You Can Watch Neville Now He’s Back

Here’s How You Can Watch Neville Now He’s Back

It’s fair to say that when Neville was in WWE, he was pretty much the best thing to watch on weekly TV.

During his hiatus, fans were left without their weekly dose of flips, kicks and sweaty Englishmen.

Now that he’s back and fighting for Dragon Gate, many will be wanting to see him back in action and to assess whether he’s lost any of his star power.

Unfortunately, Dragon Gate has not offered a streaming service and clips are very hard to come by…until now!

Called the “Dragon Gate Network“, fans can watch all the live and past shows for just $13 (£10) a month, as announced by Neville/PAC himself.

According to Nev, you will be able to see “the most sadistic and brutal fighter on the face of planet Earth.”

I know what you’re thinking, but no, Eva Marie has not signed with Dragon Gate. He is of course talking about himself.

So, if you like dragons, gates and Nevilles, what are you waiting for?


6 years ago by Andy Datson


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