Huge AEW Debut Taking Place Tonight?

3 years ago by Tempest

Huge AEW Debut Taking Place Tonight?

All Elite Wrestling confirmed the signing of Lance Archer last week. Now, it seems we might see him debut on Dynamite tonight.

Archer tweeted that has a target in mind and he is preparing for his “Killing the Elite rampage”.

“Chew on this! ALL the fighters in AEW are truly Elite. I have a target in mind. I have a plan in place and it’ll happen on AEW Dynamite But let me hear YOUR top 10 Death note recipients. As I prepare for my KILLING THE ELITE rampage!!”

It sounds like Archer will not be any less violent than he was in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Tony Khan mentioned that he is a big fan of Archer and he has a chance to put together a strong 2020 campaign. Fans should expect Archer to make a big impact right away in AEW.

The tweet is a little vague but it could be inferred that Archer will be making his debut tonight on Dynamite.

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