Huge Championship Match Announced For NXT Next Week

3 years ago by Nate

Huge Championship Match Announced For NXT Next Week

Tonight on NXT, Finn Balor, Keith Lee, and Tommaso Ciampa faced off in a match to determine the number 1 contender to Adam Cole’s NXT Championship.

In a back and forth match that really showcased Keith Lee and his magnificent offense, Finn Balor ultimately came out on top.  The finish came when Keith Lee hit Tommaso Ciampa with a Spirit Bomb.

Just as the two men landed, Finn Balor came flying down off the top rope with a Double Foot Stomp to Keith Lee.  Balor then pinned Lee for the victory.

Due to the victory, NXT, then, announced Finn Balor wouldn’t have to wait very long for his shot against Adam Cole.  The match will take place next week on NXT in what is being billed as a special holiday edition of NXT.

Not only will we get Adam Cole vs. Finn Balor, we’re getting treated to a match between Rhea Ripley and Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women’s Championship match.

In the past, you wouldn’t expect a title to change hands on a regular Wednesday night show.  However, tonight showed us anything can happen with Angel Garza picking up the Cruiserweight Title. 

Who will be champ heading into 2020?

It’s hard to guess which is more likely to happen.  Both champions are members of heel factions who have cheated to retain their titles before.

However, Baszler has been the champ for a long, long time.  It might be time for Ripley to step up to the plate and Baszler to move up to the main roster.

Due to Cole’s stature, he might be best suited to remain on NXT and, ultimately, have the uber-over Keith Lee be the one who finally takes his title.

However, only time will tell.  We’ll have all the live coverage of next week’s show right here on WrestleTalk.  Be sure to let us know who you think will walk out next week as champ on Twitter. 

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