Huge No Holds Barred Match Announced For WWE Raw

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

Huge No Holds Barred Match Announced For WWE Raw

WWE has announced a huge no holds barred match for this coming Monday’s episode of Raw.

The match will see Randy Orton take on Matt Hardy one week after Hardy suffered a con-chair-to at the hands of the ‘Apex Predator’.

Hardy came out on this past Monday’s show to stick up for Edge, who had suffered a similar assault from Orton two weeks prior.

All signs are pointing to Hardy leaving WWE when his contract expires on March 1, so this is probably going to be his final match with the company. Many thought Monday’s assault was to write him off TV, so it’s actually quite surprising (and a bit stupid, really) that he’s got a match just a week later.

Orton, on the other hand, looks set for a match against Edge at WrestleMania on April 5. writes:

This past Monday on Raw, Randy Orton subjected Matt Hardy to the same brutal Con-Chair-To that sent Edge out of Raw on a stretcher. Now, Hardy is coming for payback.

In the wake of Orton’s heinous attack, the former Raw Tag Team Champion is now slated to battle The Apex Predator in a No Holds Barred Match, placing Orton directly on a collision course with his most recent victim — to say nothing of a Superstar who refuses to take the abuse lying down. After all, Hardy is as much a trailblazer as Edge, and his history is almost completely entwined with that of The Rated-R Superstar. Then again, Randy Orton seems to take a particular delight in destroying legends these days. He’ll be more than happy to do it again.

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