Huge Surprise Return In WWE Men’s Royal Rumble

2 years ago by Nate Craver

Huge Surprise Return In WWE Men’s Royal Rumble

The WWE Men’s Rumble didn’t start off with the same number of surprises as the women’s match did, but the one they did have was pretty cool. Carribean cool that is.

Carlito was entrant number 8 in the Men’s 2021 Royal Rumble. He was eventually eliminated by Elias who entered at number 13.

Carlito looked in fabulous shape and was much larger than when we last saw him in WWE.

Carlito was rumored to appear on Raw Legends Night. However, it seems he was listed as someone who WWE might contact but never did. There were said to be no hard feelings between either side and it was genuinely just a mix up by WWE’s public relations department.

Carlito was able to return tonight and judging by his physical appearance would be more than ready to make a return should both sides want it to happen.

Speaking of returns, the men’s rumble had far fewer than the women’s, but we did get The Hurricane. He was quickly eliminated by Lashley and Big E.

Another big return was Christian. He came in at 24. Edge who has been in since the beginning was so happy to see his former partner.

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