Huge Tables Match Added To TLC 2019

3 years ago by Andy Datson

Huge Tables Match Added To TLC 2019

The Rusev/Lana/Bobby Lashley storyline which we have had to endure for the past what feels like 10 years has split opinion.

Many people, like myself, feel that rubbing sandpaper on our eyeballs would be preferable to watching the segments, and other people actually enjoy them for their completely outrageous, over the top soap opera drama.

However, what we can all agree on is that last night’s segment, in which Rusev and Lana actually got a divorce, was diabolical.

Lana explained that she did once love Rusev, but that time is now over because he let fame get to his head, and Rusev agreed to the divorce but only if he could have a match with Lashley. You know, like any other divorce.

Also since when was Jerry Lawler certified to oversee divorces?

Anyway, the segment ended with Rusev planting Bobby Lashley through a table, and lo and behold we have a tables match for this Sunday at TLC between the two men.

Perhaps Lashley will pull a Ruby Riott and put Rusev through a table with Lana on it?

If Rusev wins the match, does that mean Lana will have to re-marry him because that’s the sort of thing that would happen in wrestling? It really does feel like WWE is doing its very best to humiliate Rusev on his way out of the company, and a loss at TLC would really underline how terribly he’s been booked on the main roster.

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