Huge Title Change At AEW Full Gear

2 years ago by Brian Joyce

Huge Title Change At AEW Full Gear

The Young Bucks put their money where their mouth is at AEW Full Gear. After declaring they would not challenge for the AEW World Tag Team Championships again if they lost, the Young Bucks finally won the titles by defeating FTR.

Years ago both teams tweeted that one day they would wrestle and the world would rejoice. Well, they wrestled. As promised, the wrestling world is currently rejoicing.

The Young Bucks were able to capitalize on the tremendous story of Matt Jackson’s injury. Matt was worked over for most of the match and was ultimately the one to score the pin. Despite having his leg attacked during the match, Matt hit a superkick to win the match and the titles.

Both teams resorted to using legendary finishers from teams of their past. FTR used DIY’s finisher while the Young Bucks used the 3D and the Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb.

This is the first AEW World Tag Team Championship for the team and the second title change of the night. Earlier in the show, Darby Allin was able to defeat Cody Rhodes to capture the TNT Championship.

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