Huge Update On Roman Reigns Status For WWE Hell In A Cell

Huge Update On Roman Reigns Status For WWE Hell In A Cell WWE

Roman Reigns is going to be with WWE for some time, especially as he’s just signed a new contract, but according to reports, the contract is for far fewer dates than his previous one.

Evidence of this can be seen through WWE taking Roman off a number of upcoming shows, and now Dave Meltzer has confirmed Roman will not be on the card for WWE’s next Premium Live Event, Hell in a Cell on June 5.

Speaking Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer said:

“Basically, Roman Reigns is not gonna be on every pay-per-view. He’s off the Chicago show, which is the next pay-per-view on June 5 (Hell in a Cell). He will be doing pay-per-views this summer. Even though he was removed from all the advertising from June 24 – yeah June 24 in Austin, he’s been removed from all advertising, from house shows, TVs, except for the two stadium shows – but he will do TVs to build up those (stadium) shows. So it’s not like he’s not gonna be on TV, but he’s not gonna be doing a lot of dates and from what I understand, the shows he’s gonna be on, sooner or later, they’ll start advertising him. So the dates will be known, it’s not like they’re gonna put him on TV without advertising him. But that’s the basic situation. I think he’s gonna be on more shows than Lesnar, but not appreciably more.”

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At 36, Roman Reigns still likely has several years left performing at the top of any card he’s on, but as we’ve seen in the past with WWE’s biggest stars like The Rock and John Cena, there are always other careers to explore for pro-wrestlers of a certain calibre.

If we hear more about Roman’s future booking plans, we will of course left you know as soon as we can.

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2 years ago by Andy Datson


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