Hulk Hogan Called AEW Star His Little Brother And Upgraded His Plane Ticket

Hulk Hogan Called AEW Star His Little Brother And Upgraded His Plane Ticket

Just about everyone from a certain generation grew up as a Hulk Hogan fan. While that may not extend to modern fans, Hogan was the guy for many people. One of those people was Chris Jericho who grew up a Hogan fan while living in Winnipeg.

On a recent edition of Talk is Jericho, Jericho revealed that while in WCW Hogan got him an upgraded plane ticket by telling people he was Hogan’s little brother. Here is the quote:

“I met him a couple times in WCW obviously and he was always very cool to me. I remember the first time I ever really had any interaction with him because it was different there. Our ilk were kind of on their own but we were at the airport once and it was really crowded lineup and I was at the end of the line and he was like ‘what are you doing, brother?’ and I was like ‘oh, just waiting’ ‘come with me’. Brings me to the front counter like ‘yeah check in and can you check him in? He’s my little brother.’ and she checks me in and he goes ‘and can you give him a little upgradeski? Have you got anything? Only if you’ve got anything. The kid has been working his ass off, he’s hurt.’ so he got me the upgrade too! I was Hulk Hogan’s little brother!”

Not an experience most Hogan fans get. This clip is from Jericho’s interview with Miro where they discuss being huge Hulk Hogan fans growing up.

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