Hulk Hogan Desperate For Help (For A Few Minutes)

Hulk Hogan Desperate For Help (For A Few Minutes) WWE

Whatcha gonna do when you run out of toilet paper brother? Tweet about it and ask for help, apparently.

In the latest episode of ‘Hulk Hogan is a weird man who does weird things’, Bulky Hulky had people pretty concerned for his wellbeing for a few minutes on Twitter last night.

At first, he just tweeted “Help” on its own with no other context, which may have genuinely been a bit concerning to his fans.

A few minutes later, he then followed up with: “I ran out of toilet paper brother,help!!!!!!!!”.

Personally I’m not sure he used enough exclamation marks to get the point across, but oh well.

It must have turned out alright for him because he soon deleted the tweets, so I can only assume he didn’t need the help anymore.

That’s a shame.

Perhaps Jimmy Hart gave him a hand since they do seem to stay together at all times.

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1 year ago by Liam Winnard


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