Hulk Hogan Has A HUGE Announcement

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Hulk Hogan Has A HUGE Announcement

Hulk Hogan will make a ‘huge announcement’ on October 27, one day before WWE Evolution, and many are speculating, from what was said, that it is NWO related.

Appearing at the National Sports Collection Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, yesterday the ‘Hulkster’ had this to say, exciting many fans:

“All the brothers out here with the NWO shirts on, something really special is going to be going down. Just remember, the date, October 27. Go to, something very special is gonna happen October 27.”

That he specifically mentioned those in NWO apparel and on the front page of his website the phrase “2 Sweet” is predominant when talking about the declaration, all signs point to the mooted reunion which many believe will happen on the WWE Network around Survivor Series time.

The former WWF Champion also fuelled speculation that a return to WWE television was imminent with this throwaway comment:

“There’s a lot of stuff going on. WWE put Hulk Hogan back in the Hall of Fame. That means I get to go back and beat Vince McMahon up one more time.”

Being such a controversial figure in professional wrestling in the modern day, Hulk Hogan has divided the wrestling world with some relishing a return whilst others condemn WWE for doing business with the legend. I’m sure everyone will have an opinion, but even the haters can’t deny that a possible NWO gathering twenty two years after their formation is a salivating prospect.


WrestleTalk would like your views on this ‘huge announcement’, whether you’d like to see Hulk Hogan back in WWE and in what capacity, and if an NWO reunion is something you’d be interest in. You can contact us on Twitter and Discord today.


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