When Wrestlers Didn’t Want To Work With Hulk Hogan, They Were Told This

When Wrestlers Didn’t Want To Work With Hulk Hogan, They Were Told This WWE

A professional wrestling legend has gone on the record about what he would tell wrestlers who didn’t want to work with Hulk Hogan.

While Hulk Hogan may make occasional appearances for WWE now, in his past role it was Jim Ross who had to talk to wrestlers who were meant get in the ring with the Hulkster.

With some resistant about the task, good ol’ JR has now revealed what he would tell wrestlers who were resistant to the idea of working with Hogan.

On his Grillin’ JR podcast,  JR said:

“Well, a lot of top guys were not interested in it, because they knew that it was going to create competition for that spot, or those spots. There are not enough spots to go around to cover everybody’s bases it needs and so forth. I tell talent, I remember telling talent: ‘Why are you worried about it? He’s the older guy with multiple back surgeries, he’s very limited on what he can do physically. So I don’t understand your angst, I don’t understand your paranoia. It sounds like you’re worried about competition, right?’”

“‘And knowing your abilities, talking with talent, I don’t know what you got to worry about. Let’s go do your thing. Go do your thing and, and have the best match you can possibly have. And then stick your chest out and you walk back to the gorilla position and say something to the effect of follow that boys. Follow that.’”

“So you know, I had no issues. I just wanted whatever is gonna be good for the company to enhance my paycheck, I’m forever for it.”

Elsewhere in the episode of the podcast, JR discusses No Way Out 2003 in depth which featured The Rock beating Hulk Hogan in the main event.

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Transcription via TJR Wrestling

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