Hulk Hogan’s Apology NOT ENOUGH For Ex-WWE Star!

Hulk Hogan’s Apology NOT ENOUGH For Ex-WWE Star!

Former WWE superstar JTG commented on Hulk Hogan’s recent apology concerning the controversy from 2015. On the How It Ended podcast, JTG said Hogan’s apology is not enough for him to forgive.

“I can forgive him for using the N-word, for making a mistake or whatever, but I can’t forgive you for admitting that you’re a racist. I’m not that dude. I’m not that forgiving. A lot of talent, African American talent share my same thoughts.”

The conversation moved on to the subject of WWE officials warning the ‘Hulkster’ to watch what he said in their meeting in case he was being recorded. It was something the former member of Cryme Tyme felt very passionate on:

“It’s like, ‘what?!’ That should be the last thing you bring up. We all know that we’re in the limelight. You know to watch what you say. But when you’re saying an apology, you don’t bring up ‘watch what you say when you’re being recorded.'”

That wasn’t was what irked the former tag team worker, however. What brought about his largest sense of disappointment was the fact that Hulk Hogan admitting, in the recording, to being racist:

“You talk about using the N-Word, saying he admitted to being a racist – I don’t even think he brought that up that he admitted to being a racist. Like that was kinda just swept under the rug like we were just supposed to forget.”

JTG, like countless stars over the years, said that he looked up to Hogan as a child and he was the main reason he got into wrestling.

Many WWE superstars agree that Hogan’s apology “missed the mark” (Titus O’Neil), and we can now add JTG to the list. The main issue superstars have is that he seemed disingenuous. The wrestling world is watching closely to see what he will do to make it up to the superstars and individuals he let down.

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