Identities Of ‘Miz-Force’ WWE Raw Security Guards Revealed

Identities Of ‘Miz-Force’ WWE Raw Security Guards Revealed WWE

The identities of The Miz’ security guards on the September 26 edition of WWE Raw have been revealed.

During the show, The Miz offered his ‘Miz Force’ rewards if they protected him throughout the show, following recent incidents with Dexter Lumis. The ominous star ultimately laid out the security guards before breaking a hockey stick over the back of The Miz.

It’s often a good idea to pay attention to WWE extras, as they’re usually either developmental names or independent wrestlers. As the show emanated from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the security guards this time around were competitors local to the area.

Per The Local Competitor on Twitter, the group of security guards featured Storm Wrestling Academy graduate Bobby Schink, Michael Richard Blais, Jack Pride & Steven Crowe of The Clandestine Society, and ACW Ontario owner Andrew Love.

While it seems The Miz may already have enough on his plate, it appears that the A-Lister has now made an enemy of YouTube sensation KSI. The multi-platform star recently reacted to The Miz arguing that he doesn’t have enough ‘clout’.

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