Identities Of 14 New WWE Signings Revealed

2 months ago by SP3

Identities Of 14 New WWE Signings Revealed WWE

The identities of 14 new WWE signings have been revealed.

As previously noted, the company signed over a dozen athletes following their most recent tryouts in Nashville, Tennessee during SummerSlam weekend.

The WWE Recruit Twitter account posted a video with EVP of Talent Relations Triple H informing the hopefuls that the company was signing them.

The list of the latest signees are:

Kennedy Cummins

Gabrielle Dunn

Rickssen Opont

Alivia Ash

Harleigh White

Chukwusom Enekwechi

Jade Gentile

Anna Keefer

Breanna Ruggiero

Beau Morris

Franki Strefling

Hayden Pittman

Lea Mitchell

Kevin Ventura-Cortes

The video can be seen below:


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