IMPACT Reached Out To Former WWE Star 15 Minutes After His Release

2 years ago by Andy Datson

IMPACT Reached Out To Former WWE Star 15 Minutes After His Release

Generally when you lose your job, you have to wait a few weeks or even months before new job offers start coming in, so it’s fair to say that Luke Gallows was pretty happy when he was contacted just 15 minutes after being released by WWE last year.

Gallows and his tag partner Karl Anderson were both part of the WWE “black Wednesday” releases in April 2020, but as he explained in an interview with Fightful, he wasn’t out of work for long.

“Well, there was definitely some fence mending that had to happen there and it’s been great, I’ll say that. But, I mean, Scott in under ten minutes was like, ‘Hey. Know it sucks. Need to talk to you guys ASAP. Whenever you feel like it, call me.’ Hell, I talked to him that evening, you know? So, they were in hot, hot, hot, hot pursuit to get that deal done and they had to put some stuff in there that isn’t necessarily traditional.”

He went on to explain the different clauses he wanted in his contract before agreeing to sign for IMPACT.

“Like, we’re creating content for that IMPACT+ app, which has a lot of great stuff on it. It’s got every pay-per-view in history. We’ve got a new show that we’re doing a pilot for over there that I don’t want to get in trouble, ‘cause last time I said something like this I wasn’t supposed to say it yet. Lots of great content over there. My promotion that I have in Georgia, where you get the tickets for TalkNShop Live, LariatoPro. Those show go up on IMPACT+. We’re doing a lot of fun stuff over there, too. But, yeah. Scott D’Amore, Don Callis, they were all over it. They locked it in immediately. That’s why we’re proud IMPACT flag bearers, so-to-speak. Wearing the flag, wearing the hat, doing the whole deal, and they’ve been cool enough to make and let this IMPACT / AEW relationship happen, which I think is great for the exposure of everybody involved.”

Thanks to Fightful for the Transcription.

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