IMPACT Star Praises Gail Kim For Being A Woman Of Her Word

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IMPACT Star Praises Gail Kim For Being A Woman Of Her Word IMPACT Wrestling

An IMPACT Wrestling star has praised Gail Kim for being a woman of her word.

Gail Kim currently works as a producer for IMPACT Wrestling, leading the Knockouts division behind the scenes.

In October 2021, Masha Slamovich signed with the company and has quickly become one of the fastest rising stars of the Knockouts division.

Appearing for K&S WrestleFest virtual signing, Slamovich was asked what it’s like to work with Gail Kim. She answered:

“I love working with Gail. She’s probably one of my favorite people. She’s so smart and funny and really rad.”

“I will forever remember that Gail was always the one willing to take a chance on me.”

“Ever since I got to IMPACT in 2019, Gail had always circled around and reached back and always said we were going to stay in contact. She is a woman of her word. I love working with Gail.”

The IMPACT Hall of Famer was the person who offered Masha Slamovich her contract with IMPACT Wrestling.

Slamovich is scheduled to challenge Mickie James for the IMPACT Knockouts World Championship at No Surrender this Friday, February 24.

We will have updates and breaking news from IMPACT No Surrender on Friday.

Transcription via Fightful

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