IMPACT Star Would Like To Do Open Challenges For Their Title

IMPACT Star Would Like To Do Open Challenges For Their Title IMPACT Wrestling

An IMPACT Wrestling star would like to do open challenges for their title.

At IMPACT Over Drive, Trey Miguel defeated Black Taurus to win the X-Division Championship for the second time. Miguel’s first reign with the gold lasted nearly 200 days and saw the former Rascalz member defend his title in independent promotions, such as DEFY and Wrestling REVOLVER.

Speaking on the Battleground podcast, Trey was asked who he would like to face in his second reign as X-Division Champion. He answered:

“The shop is always open for business, but there is not someone I want coming into my store to buy something. Anyone can get it though.”

“If I think about it, I look at it like this, we had a tournament filled with the best of the X-Division, the best of the X-Division won the tournament, so why go back and give an opportunity to people who couldn’t get the job done?”

Miguel continued on to suggest an open challenge for the X-Division Title, saying:

“What I would like to do is take it back like a decade and do something like when I was a fan of IMPACT.”

“Every week, they would have faces from the independents or people who weren’t signed or were signed to different companies or frequented other companies, and have them do weekly open challenges for the X-Division championship.”

“That’s how I got familiar with a lot of people that I’m fans of and now share the locker room with. That’s something that is super cool because it’s always a surprise.”

The current champion later stated that he would like to see independent wrestlers from other promotions come in to get a shot at the title.

Miguel said:

“It gives you a reason to want to tune in. You might find your favorite Inidie wrestler or favorite Triple A wrestler or CRASH wrestler or a face from PWG or REVOLVER, any of those places.”

“You don’t know what’s going to happen and I like having that sense of, ‘who is this guy, what can he do?’ and it constantly changing the way the match goes every single week.”

Trey concluded by commenting on changing the name of the division, saying:

“I am the Fresh Prince of Mid Air, I wanted to call it the Fresh Division, but so many people have changed the name of it, but it’s the X-Division. It’s my X-Division.”

As previously reported, IMPACT Wrestling is partnering up with an international distribution company.

Transcription via Fightful

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