IMPACT Suspends Former WWE Star For 30 Days

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

IMPACT Suspends Former WWE Star For 30 Days

Last night on IMPACT Wrestling, the promotion announced that former WWE star Ken Shamrock had been suspended for thirty days. This comes after he and Sami Callihan attacked D’Lo Brown and Eddie Edwards last week.

For some reason, Ken Shamrock was suspended but Sami Calliahn was not, This suspension means that he won’t, in theory, be able to appear on IMPACT until next year, but we know just now lax kayfabe suspensions in wrestling can be.

IMPACT did a major set of tapings last month, so it’s not like Ken Shamrock has been suspended because he has asked for some time away from the company. It seems like this suspension is purely part of the story.

A recent report has suggested that IMPACT Wrestling tried to sign a former UFC star and someone that WWE was reportedly interested for a feud with Ken Shamrock, but things didn’t materialise.

During a recent interview, Ken Shamrock opened up about why he decided to reject an angle while working for WWE that we see him enter a relationship with his kayfabe sister. You can read more about that by clicking here.

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