IMPACT Wrestling Teases Return Of Former World Champion

3 years ago by Nate

IMPACT Wrestling Teases Return Of Former World Champion

IMPACT Wrestling has been teasing lots of former WWE stars potentially joining their roster. They recently ran a Twitter promo showing lots of the former WWE releases in a video.

After that, EC3 posted a video teasing that he was the superstar in question in the original promo. Tonight, on their show, IMPACT wrestling continued the speculation by playing his music during Moose’s match.

Of course, this could be one massive troll job, but it seems way too likely for EC3 to not make an appearance of some kind at Slammiversary.

However, he might not be the only one to debut. IMPACT has been running a story of someone attacking Trey Miguel. They teased a segment last week where Mike Elgin was talking to someone from Canada.

And tonight they ran this:

This seems to almost confirm that you’ll be seeing more than one former champion return. One otential option from the WWE releases could be Eric Young.

He’s a former World Champ. He’s also from Canada. Could he be the one Elgin was talking to and attacking Trey? IMPACT is certainly doing all they can to get some interest in Slammiversary.

These teases of returnees is certainly getting fans talking. Oh and there’s always Kurt Angle.

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