IMPACT’s Scott D’Amore Hints That Released WWE Talent Have Been Contacted

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IMPACT’s Scott D’Amore Hints That Released WWE Talent Have Been Contacted

There are many possible destinations for this month’s group of released WWE stars. Now, it appears IMPACT Wrestling has already started reaching out to some of them, according to Scott D’Amore.

While speaking on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, D’Amore talked about the talent who was recently released and who IMPACT may be looking at. Here is the quote, courtesy of Fightful:

“I think you look at what we did at Slammiversary last year with all the buzz, and I think there’s an opportunity here. There’s some great talent and they’ve got this hiccup in their career. We’ve all been there probably where we’ve been let go and they’ve got the opportunity to do like so many of the people did last year and forge new opportunities and different and in some ways better opportunities for themselves.

Look, in 2005 when I got put in charge of the creative for TNA I knew there was one guy that I wanted, and that was Samoa Joe, and I worked very hard getting on the phone because WWE wanted him as well. Myself and Mike Tenay, who’s an amazing, amazing dude that I know some of you have met and got to be around, we just knew Joe was different and special and we wanted to have him there. That was 2005, we were able to get him and do some pretty damn cool stuff. I got mad respect for Samoa Joe and would always love an opportunity to work with him again, both because of his unbelievable talent and his unique charisma and also because he’s just a good dude.

So many of that other talent. you look at it, whether it’s Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, whether it’s Chelsea Green, you know, there’s just so much there and I just got to say, I think there’s a chance that some talent’s going to move around and you’re just going to have to stay tuned and be careful what I say, but maybe some conversations have started.”

Of the people WWE released, Samoa Joe, Chelsea Green and Mickie James all have extensive history with IMPACT.

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