Indie Star Accuses WWE Of Stealing His Gimmick

11 months ago by Andy Datson

Indie Star Accuses WWE Of Stealing His Gimmick WWE

On this week’s episode of NXT 2.0, former NXT UK star A-Kid made his debut under the new masked gimmick, Axiom.

The debut has gone down pretty well with fans, but unfortunately the story of his debut has been buried by controversy, after an independent wrestler accused WWE of using his gimmick and likeness for the Axiom gimmick.

Sometimes you can just ignore these accusations, but on this occasion, it’s impossible to ignore how similar Axiom looks to indie star Razerwyng.

Taking to twitter, Razerwyng tweeted a photo of himself, and then of Axiom. It may as well be a game of spot the difference.

Razerwyng went on to say he harbours no ill-will towards Axiom.

He went on to suggest the reason WWE has used such a similar outfit is that he once told Kane and Linda McMahon to “get f***ed” over the stances on abortion.

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