Indie Star Accuses Carmella Of Stealing Her Catchphrase

10 months ago by Andy Datson

Indie Star Accuses Carmella Of Stealing Her Catchphrase WWE

In the same week that indie star Razerwyng accused WWE of stealing his gimmick with the debut of Axiom in NXT, another independent wrestler has accused Carmella of stealing her catchphrase.

Natalia Markova, a Florida-based indie wrestler, has accused Carmella of stealing her “Bad Ass with a Great Ass” catchphrase in a series of tweets and now an interview.

As you can see in the below tweet, Markova has merchandise with the catchphrase on it already, and Markova’s fans have rallied behind her.

Markova has also been interviewed by SEScoops, and during the interview she compared the alleged catchphrase stealing to someone stealing a handbag from Walmart. She said:

“Well, it’s similar to this Walmart [getting her purse stolen from her] situation. Somebody’s just stealing my stuff. And I don’t think it matters if it’s intellectual property or physical properties, still stealing.

“So, that’s how I look at that. And obviously, those people they know that it’s my catchphrase, the wrestling world is small. You know, everybody knows everything. And the way I feel about it, I think it’s wrong.”

Markova had a tryout with WWE in 2017, and has since wrestled three matches for AEW on episodes of AEW Dark and Dark Elevation.

She continued:

“Like, if you said once, like the first time it said it last week, and I was like, ‘okay, whatever.’ I guess they just didn’t know, somehow, maybe, I don’t know.

“But then people were tagging like crazy amounts of people were tweeting, like, ‘Oh, my God, come on, that’s Natalia. That’s her catchphrase. Everybody knows that.’

“It’s actually one of my fans, like this supporter at FN wrestling podcast came up with this phrase for me. And I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll just use it. It’s amazing.’ So that was my thing.

“Everybody knew that people tweeted on them and showed them. I mean, I feel like it’s a little disrespectful. But I’m not really mad about it. I just think it’s wrong. You know, when somebody steals, it’s not good. I don’t approve of that, you know?”

Neither Carmella or WWE has commented on the allegations.

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