Indie Wrestlers Engaged After Unique Proposal

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Indie Wrestlers Engaged After Unique Proposal

Yesterday, 2 indie wrestlers announced their engagement, posting a video of their unique wrestling-themed marriage proposal.

Laynie Luck and GPA are now engaged to be married. The couple have shared the video of their proposal, right in the middle of a training session.

Luck took to Twitter to show fans the mid-match proposal. During an in-ring drill, GPA made an up-and-over sequence the most unforgettable spot of both their careers.

Here is the video:

A number of wrestlers have already reacted, including Naomi, who tweeted:

“omg this is the best CONGRATULATIONS!”

Mick Foley pointed out that the bar has now been set, tweeting:


Big Swole was entertained by the proposal, calling it clever. Mustafa Ali also congratulated the happy couple.

Luck is known for her work on the independent circuit, wrestling for the likes of RISE, Shimmer, and Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling. GPA has competed for EVOLVE, CZW, IMPACT and many other promotions.

The couple recently went head to head in a match during WrestleMania week for Freelance/FU Chicago’s Secret Stash.

WrestleTalk congratulates Laynie Luck and GPA on their engagement.

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