Information On WWE WrestleMania Seating Pods

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Information On WWE WrestleMania Seating Pods

The tickets for WrestleMania 37 go on sale this week, with WWE reportedly hoping to fill Raymond James Stadium with 75% capacity (45,000) for both nights of the show.

This will ensure that both nights of WrestleMania will have the highest attendance of any event in the United States since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic around twelve months ago.

Ahead of the tickets going on sale, Ticketmaster has said that the stadium will have seating pods for between 1-6 people. The site also says that tickets CANNOT be resold, and says that face masks will be mandatory

Important Information Regarding Upcoming WrestleMania Events

These events use seating in pods of 1 to 6 people per pod. Pods must be purchased in their entirety and may not be divided. Tickets in a pod may not be sold or transferred to anyone other than family/trusted acquaintances who have chosen to attend the event together, unless all such tickets (i.e., the full pod) are being sold or transferred to one party. Unless otherwise exempted by law, guests must wear a face covering – local venue rules apply.

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