Injured NXT Star Provides Update On Recovery

4 weeks ago by Dave Adamson

Injured NXT Star Provides Update On Recovery WWE

An injured WWE NXT star has provided an update on their recovery from an injury.

Arianna Grace revealed that she was injured on October 13, 2022.

Grace last wrestled on the October 4 taping of NXT Level Up teaming up with Kiana James to take on Fallon Henley and Sol Ruca.

The injury, at the time, was unspecified though would require surgery.

Grace had promised to keep her fans updated on her post-surgery progress through her social media.

True to her words, the updates have continued and the progress is looking good for the daughter of former-WWE wrestler Santino Marella.

On Twitter, the “Iron Princess” shared a video of part of a physio session that took place twenty-five days after her surgery for her ACL injury.

Commenting that:

“I’m working as hard as I can to get back to what I love. It’s not easy but I’m giving it all I got!”

WrestleTalk’s Injury Tracker provides a detailed picture of current injuries in WWE and AEW, along with projected return dates.

WrestleTalk wishes Arianna Grace a continued safe and healthy recovery.


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