Injury Update On NXT Star After NXT New Year’s Evil

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Injury Update On NXT Star After NXT New Year’s Evil

The status of the injury that caused NXT to postpone a New Year’s Evil match has been revealed.

Despite being advertised for this week’s show, the Fight Pit match between Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa was cancelled. William Regal confirmed on the show that Thatcher had sustained a “minor injury”, forcing the match to be postponed.

It is now being reported that this injury was part of a storyline. Mike Johnson of PWInsider has noted that the reported injury was a cover story for NXT wanting to reschedule the match.

Here is the quote:

“The announced Timothy Thatcher injury pushing his Fight Pit bout against Tommaso Ciampa is storyline.  There was a decision made to push the Fight Pit back and this was the cover story.  The match is slated to go down in the weeks ahead, but exactly when has not been locked in.”

Johnson notes that a new date for the Fight Pit match has not been finalised, however the match will most likely take place within the next few weeks.

It is unknown why NXT decided to reschedule the match. This week was the first night of AEW New Year’s Smash, with night two taking place next Wednesday. If speculating, NXT might want the Fight Pit match to run without an AEW special opposing the attraction bout.

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