Intercontinental Title Plans For WrestleMania 39 Revealed?

2 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Intercontinental Title Plans For WrestleMania 39 Revealed? WWE

The Intercontinental Championship program for WrestleMania 39 has potentially been revealed, with a popular star targeting GUNTHER.

Since winning the Intercontinental Title in June 2022, GUNTHER has proven to be one of the most dominant Intercontinental Champions in recent history.

Holding the gold for over 230 days, the Austrian star’s title reign has been longer than that of any champion since Cody Rhodes’ 234 day reign in 2011.

Speaking on WWE The Bump, Sheamus discussed his rivalry with GUNTHER, noting that his goal is to defeat the IC Champion at WrestleMania 39:

“See, we’re talking about the Royal Rumble but all that’s been on my mind for the past couple years is the (Intercontinental Championship).

“I’ve already gone toe to toe with Gunther twice. My vision board this year, my goal this year is to take on Gunther one more time and end the trilogy at WrestleMania and become the first ever WWE Ultimate Grand Slam Champion.

“I’ve been so close lately with the boys at my side over the past year, but this is still the goal for me.

“Royal Rumbles aside, everything else aside, that is the last piece of my WWE Ultimate Grand Slam Championship that nobody else has ever achieved in this company. That’s all I care about.”

While there is no guarantee that this is the definite plan, it is interesting that Sheamus pitched this potential WrestleMania match on an official WWE show.

Sheamus unsuccessfully challenged for GUNTHER’s gold at the September 3 Clash at the Castle premium live event, and on the October 7 edition of SmackDown.

As mentioned, if Sheamus wins the IC belt, he will become a Grand Slam champion.

Transcription via Fightful

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