Interesting Note On Bray Wyatt’s WWE Merchandise

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Interesting Note On Bray Wyatt’s WWE Merchandise

Ever since the fantastically intriguing Firefly Fun House segments started airing after WrestleMania 35, WWE fans have been anxiously awaiting the in-ring return of Bray Wyatt.

After over four months of build, Bray Wyatt will make his comeback to the ring as “The Fiend” for his one-on-one match with Finn Balor tomorrow night at SummerSlam.

Ahead of his return, WrestleVotes has noted that Bray Wyatt has “the largest selection of merchandise at the SummerSlam superstore”.

The Twitter account notes that Wyatt’s merchandise includes “multiple masks, multiple different shirts and a Buzzard puppet”.

As WrestleVotes alludes to at the end of the tweet, this certainly makes it seem as if WWE’s marketing and merchandise teams are fully behind the new character, as fans are too.

With WWE highlighting just how excited fans are for Wyatt’s re-debut, they have capitalised and made a tonne of merchandise for fans to snap up.

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