Is Maxxine Dupri Preparing For An In-Ring Debut?

10 months ago by Amanda Savage

Is Maxxine Dupri Preparing For An In-Ring Debut? WWE

Maxxine Dupri is speaking about working with her sibling, joining Maximum Male Models as the Director of Talent.

Maxxine Dupri was recently on WWE’s El Brunch where she commented on being apart of MMM (entirely in kayfabe of course) saying:

“I’m excited. We have a really great group. I love working with ma.çé and mån.sôör̃ and my brother Max. We have a lot of really good things in store. In general, I love business, so I love this opportunity to be the director of talent at Maximum Male Models,”

Discussing working with her sibling, Maxxine said:

“It’s fun. We really enjoy working together. It’s a cool experience to get to learn from him and it’s special when you get to work with family.”

Maxxine Dupri, who is portrayed by the real life Sydney Zmrzel, is no stranger to the fashion industry.

Zmrzel, a former Phoenix Suns NBA dancer owns a brick and mortar fashion store in Scottsdale, Arizona in addition to  owning the online iteration.

She was signed by WWE at the SummerSlam 2021 tryouts.

While she has yet to make an in-ring debut, during her time as Sofia Cromwell on NXT 2.0 she also was in a managerial role, she doesn’t rule out the in-ring possibility.

Dupri said of her potential of hopping into the ring herself:

 “It’s definitely a possibility in the future. I’m training. Sometime down the road, we might get that treat.”

Maxxine and Max Dupri are expected to appear on tomorrow’s (August 5) WWE Smackdown.

Transcription via Fightful

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