Former AEW Star Lashes Out At Current Champion

4 months ago by Ryan Coogan

Former AEW Star Lashes Out At Current Champion AEW

Former AEW star Ivelisse has lashed out at current AEW Women’s WorldChampion Thunder Rosa in a post on her Twitter account.

Ivelisse made her AEW debut in the Women’s Casino Battle Royal at AEW All Out 2019, and announced her release from the company on April 14, 2021.

Rosa and Ivelisse had an infamous match for the NWA Women’s Title on the September 16, 2020 of AEW Dynamite, in which it appeared that Ivelisse refused to sell Rosa’s offense, and Rosa responded by roughing up her opponent.

Now Ivelisse has commented on the match, writing on Twitter:

“Never forget , the moment this b decided to be a coward piece of sh and shoot punch me when she was supposed to block my shot + something else, and also the balls to pull my hair this way, she lucky im a pro and didn’t proceed to break her jaw”

A fan responded by posting a gif of Ivelisse no-selling Rosa’s offense, to which Ivelisse responded:

“Once again, you annoying idiot, this is nothing compared to what I couldve done in rage, luckily Im a pro and managed to ignore most of her sh, I already stated it was one of two and she did much more, that right there is me miraculously holding my rage in to continue the match”

This is not the first time Ivelisse has spoken out about the AEW Women’s champion, writing several weeks ago that she was “right” about Rosa being unprofessional.

Rosa is currently injured, resulting in the crowning of an interim AEW Women’s World Champion.

Toni Storm became the interim champion in a four-way at AEW All Out against Britt Baker, Hikaru Shida and Jamie Hayter.

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