Jacob Fatu Debuts & Joins The Bloodline On WWE SmackDown

Jacob Fatu Debuts & Joins The Bloodline On WWE SmackDown WWE

Jacob Fatu has debuted in WWE in the main event segment of tonight’s SmackDown as a brand new member of the Bloodline.

With commentary noting his history of violence, he proved to be the difference maker after an attempted Bloodline beatdown went sideways.

The main event of tonight’s WWE SmackDown was set to be a match between Cody Rhodes and Solo Sikoa.

Paul Heyman was shown protesting to Solo regarding what Roman Reigns told Heyman were his directives until Reigns returns – that they weren’t to go after CM Punk, or really Cody Rhodes.

However before going to the ring, Solo Sikoa told Paul Heyman that Roman Reigns is “not coming back”.

Heyman looked stunned as he continued to accompany Sikoa to the ring, albeit despondent.

After Sikoa’s match with Cody Rhodes devolved into an attempted Bloodline beatdown, the plan went awry when Randy Orton and Kevin Owens ran out in Rhodes’ defense, and Sikoa would be momentarily trapped in the corner by Rhodes, Owens and Orton.

However, Sikoa’s misfortune would not last long as instead a brand new member of the Bloodline appeared from behind the trio to save him.

Jacob Fatu made his debut in WWE with a thunderous impact, attacking Owens and Orton, and ending his rampage with a massive splash on Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes through the commentary desk from the top rope.

The show ended with Corey Graves making the call, “God help us all, there’s a werewolf on the loose” as Paul Heyman looked on stunned from outside the ring at a new four-member Bloodline.

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