Jake Roberts Reveals Bizarre Character Pitch For WWE Hall Of Famer

6 months ago by Laura Cude

Jake Roberts Reveals Bizarre Character Pitch For WWE Hall Of Famer AEW

Pro-wrestling is known for its characters, from the creative to the completely strange, and Jake Roberts has revealed one bizarre pitch he made that did not get the green light.

Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, DDP Snake Pit, Jake Roberts recalled his peculiar attempt to assign Hart Foundation member Jim Neidhart a character of a mole.

Not a mole as in a plant or an informant, but as an actual, burrowing, mole.

Roberts explained:

“I love to create new characters. Oh my God. I had one character I wanted to do for Jim Neidhart and the deal was going to be he’s called ‘The Mole’, and what happens is he refuses to come out to the ring till they turn the lights off, because it’s too bright.

‘It’s much too bright. I can’t see. It’s too bright. Turn the lights off and I’ll come out.’ Of course, you turn the lights off, he comes out and whacks the f***ing guy. The lights come back on and he’s beating the s**t out of the guy. He’s The Mole.”

Jake Roberts did not happen to share Neidhart’s take on all this, but clearly, the character did not make it to our screens.

I can’t imagine The Mole would have been too ‘out there,’ when you consider some of the characters that have made it to screen, like the Goobledy Gooker.

Jim Neidhart retired in 2016 and was posthumously inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019 following his passing in 2018.

Jake Roberts has made rare appearances in WWE since he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Diamond Dallas Page.

The Snake joined AEW in 2019 where he featured as Lance Archer’s manager.

Jake Roberts has not been seen on AEW  since the April 27, 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite when he accompanied Archer to the ring ahead of his match against Wardlow.

Transcription via PWMania

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