Jay White Calls Out Christopher Daniels For NJPW Taping (VIDEO)

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Jay White Calls Out Christopher Daniels For NJPW Taping (VIDEO)

Jay White has issued a challenge to AEW star Christopher Daniels ahead of next month’s NJPW STRONG tapings.

The Bullet Club leader recently laid down a challenge for anyone and everyone to come to NJPW and attempt to take his NEVER Openweight Title. At Battle in the Valley on Saturday, Tomohiro Ishii defeated White for the gold.

During Monday’s NJPW STRONG tapings, White stated that the door is still open for anyone to do battle with him inside a NJPW ring. A video has now been released of White calling out Christopher Daniels, offering to make him famous.

Noting that it’s still the Switchblade’s era, White said:

“Originally my plan was to open the door here on New Japan Strong and have an open challenge for the NEVER Openweight Championship but as we can all see that championship is gone.

“That championship is gone but I’m not. Someone say I’m bigger than any f**king championship anyway! So why don’t I just leave the door wide open to New Japan Strong? Leave that door open as an open invitation despite me having no championship. An open invitation to anybody from any company who wants to come and step up to the best wrestler in the world.

“Local young kid just trying to catch a break by the name of Christopher Daniels. Yeah, I like that, homegrown, young challengers looking for their chance. Young Christopher Daniels, I’m gonna do you a favour and make you famous. So Christopher Daniels why don’t you meet me at Nemesis in Hollywood baby where you can finally catch your break.

“Christopher Daniels, step up, accept my challenge, and you too like many before you can breathe with the Switchblade because it is still my era.

Here is the video:

NJPW has confirmed that Daniels will be in action when the brand visits Vermont, Hollywood on December 9. Retweeting the announcement, White simply replied:


Quote via Inside The Ropes.

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