Jeff Cobb AEW Contract Status Update

3 years ago by Tempest

Jeff Cobb AEW Contract Status Update

During All Elite Wrestling’s media conference call, Cody gave an update on the contract status of Jeff Cobb.

The Wrestling Observer reported the following on Twitter:

The tweet provided a number of interesting tidbits there. Both sides are working on a longer deal, however, Cody does not want to impede on what Cobb wants to do in his career. Cobb has spoken about wanting to continue to compete in New Japan Pro Wrestling, something he has done sporadically for the last three years.

Cody also mentioned that everyone’s contracts are different in AEW. We have seen this with Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley being able to work for New Japan. It appears Cobb’s deal is similar to theirs although we know far fewer details at the moment.

Cobb made his AEW debut last week as Chris Jericho’s hired gun. He joined the Inner Circle in a beatdown of Jon Moxley and will face Moxley this week on Dynamite.

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