Jeff Hardy Comments On WWE Using His Real-Life Struggles In Storylines

3 years ago by Tempest

Jeff Hardy Comments On WWE Using His Real-Life Struggles In Storylines

One of the more controversial storylines in wrestling this year has been the rivalry between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus. The wrestling itself has been good but people have been critical of WWE using Hardy’s real-life struggles in their storylines.

Now, Hardy has commented on it. During his interview with Daily Star, Hardy mentioned that he is cool with the storylines and even helped put together a number of the segments. Here is the quote:

“I’m just confident in myself to get through it, and when I get a feeling that something’s going to be good, I just run with it.

There was some heavy stuff there in the beginning, especially with the wreck scenario. It was just very heavy stuff.

I’m always interested as everybody is different in so far as how the viewer feels watching at home, especially hardcore fans of mine.

Even thinking back to the stuff with CM Punk when I was failing drugs tests, they turned it into a storyline and that’s what I mean when I talk about roller-coasters of good and bad.

Throughout all of that, so long as I can continue to do good, especially with this, my last chance to get it right, it is going to inspire people around the world that I’ll never meet, that need to stay sober to survive.

Hopefully I’m doing that through the television screen and helping people I’ll never know.

A lot of that stuff I said in that first meeting of me and Sheamus in the bar was stuff I actually wrote… it felt good to have ideas that they liked and bring them to life, just from being involved in the recovery world.”

Hardy has since moved on from the rivalry with Sheamus. Last week on SmackDown, Hardy defeated AJ Styles to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

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