Jeff Hardy Cancelled SmackDown Plans, Who Else Was Affected Revealed

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Jeff Hardy Cancelled SmackDown Plans, Who Else Was Affected Revealed

More details have emerged on WWE’s plans for Jeff Hardy, before his release on December 9.

As per Fightful Select (subscription required), Hardy’s departure from the company threw a wrench into the creative plans for Drew McIntyre.

Discussing these plans further during a Fightful Q&A show, Sean Ross Sapp noted that Hardy was set to work with McIntyre, and appeared to be preparing for a feud with Roman Reigns.

McIntyre was written off of WWE TV at WWE Day 1 following a beatdown at the hands of Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss. McIntyre is legitimately dealing with a neck injury.

Indicating that Hardy’s release opened up a chance for McIntyre to get his neck issue looked at, Sapp said:

“A lot what was planned for Drew had a wrench thrown into it when Jeff Hardy left WWE, when he was released, because in the interim, Drew was gonna do some stuff with Jeff, Jeff I think was also gonna do some stuff with Roman, and then it was gonna head towards Drew vs Jeff, or at least that was the assumption.”

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WWE reportedly had big plans in store for McIntyre before he picked up the injury.

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