Jeff Hardy Reveals He Wants To Introduce Old Character To WWE

2 years ago by Tempest

Jeff Hardy Reveals He Wants To Introduce Old Character To WWE

Jeff Hardy is an incredibly creative and imaginative wrestler. He has shown his ability to create more than most, although a number of his creations have come outside of WWE. Now, he has revealed that he wants to bring an old character to the WWE Universe.

The character in question is Willow, an alter ego used during his time in OMEGA and Impact Wrestling. Hardy took to the WWE on BT Sport Twitter to let fans know about the character and who he would like to face. Here is the tweet and the quote:

“Willow is my go-to wrestling persona. So, man, that’s another dream of mine that I would like to do before I’m done. To bring Willow into the WWE Universe and see what happens,” he said. “I just have a strange feeling that something crazy cool could happen between Willow and ‘The Fiend.’”

Hardy has not wrestled Bray Wyatt in his career. Both are currently wrestling on SmackDown but with Wyatt involved in the Universal Championship picture and Hardy wrestling as Intercontinental Champion, it may be a while before they square off.

The Willow character has not been seen since Hardy returned to WWE in 2017. The Brother Nero character had been reduced to cameo appearances and the Itchweeed character was only used during the House Hardy Halloween special.

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