Jeff Hardy Shares His First Reaction To The Broken Matt Hardy Character

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Jeff Hardy Shares His First Reaction To The Broken Matt Hardy Character

The newest AEW star Jeff Hardy has revealed his first reaction to his brother’s Broken Matt Hardy character.

Speaking on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy discussed his AEW debut, his departure from WWE and various other topics.

When asked about his reaction to his brother’s Broken Matt Hardy character back in IMPACT Wrestling, Jeff answered:

“I had no idea what he (Matt) was talking about. He said I don’t know man I just want you to hit me with something real big and I’m gonna change and I’m gonna dye my hair and I’m gonna be different and I am gonna take a little bit from all these characters and Broken Matt Hardy was born and when he started acting, I feel in love with it immediately and there were so many like hilarious moments even now and at our signings it’s just the humour is everywhere.

Yeah I had no idea but, once I saw where he was going with it I knew it was genius. Steve Austin had his beer and flipping people off and Rock comes in and he’s just so charismatic and he’s like on top of the game and I was like “broken Matt is the next thing”, he’s gonna own the wrestling world. This is too good and I was inspired as well.”

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Matt Hardy introduced his Broken character in 2016 when the duo worked for IMPACT Wrestling and were embroiled in a feud that saw Jeff break Matt’s leg.

The two would infamously have the Final Deletion Match that truly revolutionised cinematic matches that is still felt today.

As previously mentioned, Jeff Hardy also addressed the incident that led to his WWE release last year in this same interview.

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