Jeff Hardy Wants Triangle Ladder Match With Two Top AEW Tag Teams

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Jeff Hardy Wants Triangle Ladder Match With Two Top AEW Tag Teams AEW

AEW star Jeff Hardy has revealed his desired lineup for an updated triangle ladder match with two top tag teams in the promotion.

Jeff and his brother Matt were involved in some of the greatest ladder matches in wrestling history with the teams of The Dudley Boys and Edge & Christian.

The rivalry kicked off at WrestleMania 2000 when the three duos faced in a Triangle Ladder Match.

Appearing on AEW Unrestricted, Jeff Hardy suggested two of the best tag teams in All Elite Wrestling to face in this stipulation.

He said:

“Well, totally like first and foremost, FTR and The Young Bucks are like number one, especially the one thing we never did before Matt and I went back to like WWE in 2017, we had this idea for this cinematic match called ‘Too Sweet or DELETE.’ It can be amazing, with portals and whatever you throw in there, like just entertaining. The tag team situation in AEW is just so sick. It’s crazy. Anybody who wants to work I mean, we’re willing to work.”

Hardy had an absolutely insane main event bout against Darby Allin in a win to advance in the Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament on this past Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite.

For the full results of this week’s Dynamite, click here.

Quotes via Fightful

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