Jim Ross Shares New Jerry Lawler Health Update

3 weeks ago by Jamie Toolan

Jim Ross Shares New Jerry Lawler Health Update WWE

In February this year, news would break regarding WWE legend Jerry Lawler suffering a serious stroke in Fort Myers, Florida.

Whilst initially incredibly worrisome, positive updates from both Lawler himself as well as his family have thankfully painted a positive picture on his recovery.

Despite Lawler’s ongoing recovery trending the right direction however, his close friend and former colleague Jim Ross would insist that the WWE Hall of Famer wasn’t in the clear just yet.

Speaking on his Grilling JR Podcast, Ross would provide a new update on Lawler’s condition, saying:

“I talked to Lawler just the other day. He’s still struggling with his health. He’s got good doctors and they think they pinpointed a lot of the issues, but he’s not out of the woods yet as far as getting back to a good degree of health.

“As always when we talk, his voice starts off a little bit weak and then it gets stronger as he talks and we laugh and we tell stories with each other.”

The latest update on Lawler’s condition came late last month (April 24) when JR would inform fans that Lawler was set to undergo a procedure to aid his recovery.

We at Wrestletalk would like to continue to offer our well wishes to Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler in his ongoing recovery.

Transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc

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