Jerry Lawler Reveals Specific Instruction From Vince McMahon For Raw Wedding Segment

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

Jerry Lawler Reveals Specific Instruction From Vince McMahon For Raw Wedding Segment

Jerry Lawler has revealed the specific instruction the commentary team received from Vince McMahon for the wedding segment on last Monday’s Raw.

McMahon has been criticised quite a lot for being too controlling and micro-managing when it comes to stuff like this, but according to Lawler, Monday night was a different story.

Lawler noted that the specific instruction McMahon told him was to simply have fun with it. Speaking on his podcast, the Hall of Famer said:

“Vince was great and Paul Heyman was great before the segment started. It really took a lot of pressure off because sometimes you don’t know how people will want you to call a certain segment that is really that important, because they’ve built this thing up for so long and done so much extra media coverage on it.

“The simple words from Vince were, ‘King, go out there and have fun with this.’ That was just opening the door to the candy store for King right there.”

Lawler actually revealed that McMahon wasn’t backstage for the duration of the show due to his XFL commitments, but, despite not being controlling with the production of it, wanted to make sure he was there to see the wedding segment:

“He actually left Hartford, CT at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and everybody thought he was gone. Vince has his own office there, and he told everybody he had to leave. He left, the limousines took him out.

“Somebody comes in and says, ‘Hey, Vince is on his way back, he doesn’t want to miss the wedding!’

“Vince came back just to make sure he was there for the wedding. So, it was great.”

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